Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Santorini, Greece

Our first port of call was Santorini, an island we already visited in 2003. Other than finding out changes that occured between then and now, I really did not feel like going ashore - I just wanted to hang out at the poolside bar, relax, eat and sleep. None of these happened. I found myself at the dock with my wife and travel companions enduring the heat, humidity and the long line to ride the cable car.

As soon as I saw there were several other cruise ships at port, I know it is going to be a mess dockside. It is hard to quickly disperse arriving cruisers to all points in the island where the only convenient venues are a cable car, a donkey ride or your leg power for an uphill climb to town.

It took us an hour lined up under the sun to get a cable car ride!

More cruisers are coming in to invade Santorini!

Cable car is the preferred way unless you want to walk or ride a donkey along a smelly route to the top.

My wife never fails to say a prayer whenever she run into a church anywhere in the world.

It is not clear in the pic but there is a long line of people in the background ready to take the cable car back to the dock.


That's real grass there! When the sun calls it a day, you can lay on the grass with a bottle of your favorite wine and a selection of cheese and assorted fruits and listen to live music while you watch the sunset and wait for the stars to show up. Unfortunately, I associate grass with the unpleasant task of mowing our lawn at home and none of this decadent lifestyle LOL.

I took four shots and this is the best one of the lot. Tell me I do not need to go back and reshoot LOL.


The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Haven't been to Santorini (I wish!) but I can already see how crowded it can be every time the cruise ships disgorge the passengers. Locals probably like this - it's good for business!

geo said...

Wonderfull shots!

BlogusVox said...

Nice vacation and sightseeing.

It's nice to see Santorini isn't affected, at least not yet, by the crisis now going on in mainland Greece.

bertN said...

The Nomadic Pinoy, at the phase you are covering the world, you'll be there in no time.

I'm sure the locals love the tourists more than they hate the the thought of the next volcanic eruption.

geo, thanks for dropping by!

BlogusVox,they are raking in the tourists' dollars and euros like
bandits or corporate ceos.

RJ said...

So timely, I watched the Filipino movie For the First Time on Cinema 1 this morning. I've watched it before, but I just want to see Santorini again. One of the character was saying that people would flock in a certain area to see the beautiful sunset, and upon seeing the shot in the movie I remember the photo I've taken at Yorke Peninsula (YP) last month. I opened my blog, planning to post the YP sunset and saw your latest post about this island on my blog roll! Oh.

NO, you don't need to go back to take another photo of the sunset.

The place is beautiful! U

bertN said...

RJ, I'd like to see the sunset pic you took. Where is Yorke Peninsula?

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

Divisoria lang? hehehe! Dami ng tao.
Aww.. ang ganda ng backdrop. Ka-inggit. Oh yes maganda talaga ang sunset shot. Dramatic as usual. Naku! Rarayumahin ako sa trek na yan.

How I wish I can do it too someday together with my hubby. Pero for now, guy hunting muna ako. Keep on blogging. Inggitin mo pa kami

Photo Cache said...

this is one route i wish i can take someday. how nice it must have been to revisit this gorgeous locale.

docgelo said...

thank you for taking us to Santorini, bert, via this post.
mabuti na lang you chose to go with your wife and revisit it.
how could you miss such beautiful place that we long to explore, hehe... fyi, my youngest brother worked on a cruise ship for a short term about 3 years ago (costa atlantica, have you heard of it?) and he was able to enjoy Santorini and 30 other destinations (not that i regret but it made me rethink if i studied the right course, hehe)

...natawa naman ako sa association mo with the grass!

bertN said...

Malditang "Kuracha"cha, ako nga ang na-iinggit sa trip mo sa Coron. I hope to see the place one of these days. If and when I go there, I'll look for Ryan and Kuya Jason. Baka naman pag binanggit ko sa kanila ang pangalan mo ay gulpihin nila ako LOL. Just kidding.

Photo Cache, you just have to time it right. The first time we went there it was great weatherwise; this time (for just the day we were there!), it was a touch unpleasant.

docgelo, allow me to tell you something - you took the right course! It may not be apparent for you at this time (I doubt it though) but you cannot go wrong with a medical degree anywhere in the world you are based. Maski na sa Pinas or abroad, where for one reason or another you cannot practice your profession, you are still on top of the heap. Hindi ba?

Nenad said...

Such a romantic place. It looks so luxurious. And the one thing I like the most is color contrasts among white buildings and blue sky and fantastic sea.

bertN said...

Nenad, thanks for dropping by.

Rizalenio said...

I agree with you - that sunset shot is the BEST!!!

sheng said...

To sleep in real grass that well-manicured is a dream I have long dreamt of getting! I envy you! Did you sleep on it, or even laid down?

bertN said...

Rizalenio, coming from you that's confidence inspiring.

sheng, I laid down (I'm used to laying down on our lawn when my wife locks me out of the house after a night of revelrie with my buddies LOL. Not really.)but not long enough for the wine to start flowing and the music to start airing.

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

wow! Santorini! kahet madame tao,pangarap ko pa din makapunta jan. thanks for sharing another great story paranng tin-nour mu na din kame sa Greece. :)

docgelo said...

thank you for that profound reply to my comment above.
i am seriously taking it.
maraming salamat po!

George said...

I definitely think you do not need to go back and shoot the sunset. The picture you showed is marvelous, as is the last picture. I know I would not enjoy standing in a line for an hour waiting for the opportunity to go shopping!

elvin said...

it was very good. I really like this. I wait your presence on my blog http://skrtu.blogspot.com

bertN said...

pinaysolobackpaker, don't keep your expectation too high, baka ma-disappoint ka. Santorini is worth a visit though, maybe two. Depends on what you want to see or experience.

docgelo, at this stage in your life, you are way ahead of the herd and I am not saying this to make you feel better.

George, thanks!

elvin, thanks for the visit.

Missy said...

I envy you again, how I wish I could visit Europe (Sigh).....you really enjoying your life as a retiree hehehe....Santorini looks interesting to visit...nice shots by the way ;-)

bertN said...

Missy, Europe is not an impossible dream. It is there for the taking. It is just a matter of priorities and availability of time for you.

One of the blessings of being retired is you do not have to deal with any bosses, except your wife LOL.

bing said...

i like that sunset shot a lot!

bertN said...

bing, thanks! I'm beginning to like it, too. LOL.

Vikki said...

Gorgeous photos! I wanna see Greece someday. :)

bertN said...

Vikki, thanks for dropping by.

Reena said...


why didn't you try th donket ride? that would have been a new experience. haha. natawa ako sa grass and lwan mower comment. hehe.

buti pa yang city na yan. kahit maliit lang madaming tourists. how i wish the phils has long lines of tourists too..:)