Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 6-8, Cozumel, At Sea and Home

More pics of the cruise ship, the happenings within and the departure for home...and if you say, "It's about time you end this @#*&@"% series, I'm with you LOL.

After sailing overnight, we arrived at Cozumel with other cruise ships with the same idea.

These phone booths are fast becoming an extinct specie in the light of cell phones and such.

I wanted to take this pic to show to my sister, who is partially dependent on a wheelchair, that cruising is something she could  do and enjoy, among other things. All cruise ships are handicapped-friendly and at their ports of call, there are means for them to go where they want to, either assisted or on their own.

One of the friendly Pinoy bartenders who made sure that I didn't get thirsty LOL. Thanks for taking care of a kababayan.

I don't know why I took this pic but it looked good when I saw it.

The place where I left some of the extra weight in my wallet.

A parting shot when I was leaving the ship's casino to call it a night.

A feeble attempt to take a night shot with a cheapy point and shoot.

A Starbucks inside a cruise ship! Give me a break!!

At the Boardwalk

The 2nd parade on the ship. We made sure we had a good spot this time.

There she is!!

I am beginning to associate the sight of airports with the inconvenience and invasive nature of security inspections - carry-on x-ray, body scan, pat down and God knows what they will think of next. Is it really worth it?


rob said...

.. aha! i wonder how much weight were lost from your wallet bert? haha. :)

Rizalenio said...

Happy to see a Pinoy crew there.

Haha. I laughed on your caption re Starbucks. Yes, they are everywhere.

George said...

I've enjoyed this series, although I think your ship is more like a city than what I've always thought of as a ship.

sheng said...

I dunno, maybe because I need a really long break from this challenging work I got me, that I terribly envy you for cruising. I wish to God I dream of being on a cruise too, the full dream from start to finish, let it be tonight.

Photo Cache said...

i think i am addicted to crusing. only the availability of funds stops me from taking one every six months :)

bertN said...

rob, not enough to upset my wife LOL.

Rizalenio, there's a lot of Pinoy working on this ship and in almost all cruise ships. Without our hardworking kababayans, I don't think these cruise ships will do as well as they do, functionally and economically speaking.

George, this ship is indeed like a city in many ways. I'm glad that you enjoyed this series.

sheng, your wish will be granted in due time, I'm sure.

Photo Cache, I share your addiction LOL.

Reena said...

i enjoyed this series. :) i'm looking forward to the next. san po kaya kayo pupunta next time?

i enjoy phone booths! hindi sila pwede mawala kasi dun nagbibihis si superman. hehe

btw, about the sablay, i also don't know what it exactly means. but in UP's case, it's the graduation garment.:) Have a solemn Lenten week Sir Bert! :)

bertN said...

Reena, congratulations on your teaching job at UP! I hope you don't turned out to be one of the "terrors" I used avoid when I was a student there LOL.

Where am I going next? I've been lining up a few trips but my wife keeps vetoing our travel plans. Maybe I'll just go by myself and leave her at home. Do you think I'll live long enough when I come home to blog about it? LOL.

docgelo said...

i don't think you can travel alone and just leave your wife at home, haha! i'm sure she's totally in charge of your budget, *kidding*

so where will you take us next?
ang saya naman, ang daming cruise!
next destination, please! haha..

happy easter, bert!

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I hope to finally join a cruise one day - not really on my retirement lol!

Happy Easter!

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

"These phone booths are fast becoming an extinct specie in the light of cell phones and such." - So true! I actually have the habit of taking photos of these... So if they become extinct, I got photos of them to show my baby. Lol.

bertN said...

docgelo, my wife didn't care to go with me when I went on fishing, camping or backpacking trips in my younger days, except when I joined group tours with all the bells and whistles. Now that we are older, she wants to go with me anywhere I go and she is upset if she cannot come along! What gives? I am too old to chase women and too forgetful to remember why I am chasing them in the first place LOL. Just kidding, I am a one-woman-man to the disappointment of my father LOL.

Nomadic Pinoy, you are doing good right now with your travels. You are the envy of many. Try cruising now. I never did when I was younger because cruising, as we know it today, was still an idea in someone's mind who is probably a filthy rich s.o.b. now LOL.

Pinay Travel Junkie, good! You should do that in your travels. I should have but didn't.

dong ho said...

you wont even think you're inside a boat. i love the cruise.

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

wow! you're rich! :D i hope i can get to experience a cruise even once in a lifetime. =)

bertN said...

dong ho, you are right. You have to look at the vast sea to get a feel that you are sailing.

the pinaysolobackpacker, I am rich? Don't wake me up, I want to enjoy the thought LOL. Pera na lang ang kulang at magkakatutuo yang sinabi mo.

Cruising is not that expensive, it is within your means. Kaya lang walang cruise na nag-mumula sa Pinas, you have to fly out of the country and that escalates the cruising cost a bit more.

rolly said...

I've always wanted to go on a cruise ship since I was a small boy. My father worked for the American President Lines and he used to take me to the ship when possible. I believe they don't have those big cruise ships now. Well, at least those traveling to Asia.

bertN said...

rolly, if I am not mistaken one of the APL ships was President Cleveland - I saw it docked at the pier in Manila when I was still a high school student. How I wished then to board the ship and sail the seven seas!

The modern cruise ships of today are so different from the old passenger liners. You should try sailing on one of them and experience the big difference. You'll love it!

lakwatsera de primera said...

I wonder if we could ever afford to go on a cruise like this, prolly we'll tyr it once when we are 60 and when backpacking doesn't appeal to us that much anymore, just enjoy and savour the moment in luxury :)

bertN said...

lakwatsera de primera, the price of cruising has gone down a lot because of too many competing cruise ships. It is the airfare that is bothersome to the pocketbook. Don't wait till you are in your 60s to do it!

Armani said...

Its like a seconed New York i love it!