Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving week in San Francisco

For the first time going through the LA-SFO section of the Interstate 5, I'm a passenger and not the driver. What a relaxing experience! I love driving and have driven over the years, through most of the states of the US of A and the provinces of Canada with my family (when my kids were growing up), with my wife (after our kids have families of their own), or by myself when my wife decided staying at home or vacationing in Pinas is the "better part of valor" LOL. It is amazing how different the view on the road is when you are not doing the driving.

The view did not look as boring when I was the passenger.

Windmills dotted some landscape in an interesting, ugly kind of way.

Crookedest street in the world.

A view from the overpass

I planned to walk across the GG bridge but for now I am content as a passenger on our way to Napa for a Thanksgiving dinner with my brother and his family.

The following day I did some serious walking to burn off calories LOL.

Oceanside entrance to the Golden Gate Park


Reena said...

read your reply to your previous post. bakit nga ba may ganitong tradition? and why is it not good for the native americans? :D

looks like you enjoyed being the passenger ah. this only means one thing, u were able to take lots of photos! and madami ka pwedeng iblog. :)

Photo Cache said...

andito ka pla during thanksgiving.

i love road trips, long ones, when i am the passenger and not the driver :) sarap buhay passenger ano?

witsandnuts said...

Thanks for the tour. I actually thought that windmill shot was nice. :) By the way, thanks for the occasional visit to my blog.

Sardonyx said...

I remember there's one place in I-5 that is so boring because the freeway is too long and straight that makes the driver fall asleep hehehe. About the golden gate bridge, bakit ba siya tinawag na golden eh di naman siya gold? hahaha

Ferries to France said...


I am loving your pics from San Francisco, seems you spent a great time...

Merry Christmas


dodong flores said...

I have this experience driving to Northern Luzon and we passed bay Pagudpod in the middle of the night. I would have thought the windmills in Pagudpod could be an interesting sight.
I still would like to be behind the wheel no matter how long the road trip is. I am most comfortable knowing I'm in control of the vehicle myself.
That's also an interesting site of the Gold Gate bridge. How I wish I can walk over there someday (or is it possible to bike there? I presume there are bike lanes available)
Looks like there's more inside the Golden Gate park? Did you get inside? Will wait for more of your travel report ;)

Merry Christmas!

bertN said...

Reena,the arrival of the white settlers in America marked the beginning of the end for the native americans.

Photo Cache, it is nice to be the passenger and not the driver but it is a luxury I seldom enjoy.

witsandnuts, I visit your blog often but I do not always leave a comment.

Sardonyx, if I am not in a hurry to go up north, I prefer Highway 1 because it is a beautiful drive compared to Interstate 5 or even 101.

Hindi nga kulay gold at hindi rin mukhang gate LOL.

Ferries to France, thank you for visiting and Merry Christmas to you, too.

dodong flores, I hope to go back to Pagudpud to see the changes since the last time I passed through it in the early sixties.

There's a ton of interesting stuff to see and enjoy inside the Golden Gate Park. It was the first park I visited when I first set foot in the US of A and I never get tired of going there every chance I get.

docgelo said...

you're making me miss san francisco again, bert!
ang husay ng mga pictures mo, even if they're only captured from your car, postcard material!

bertN said...

There is something about San Francisco that makes you want to keep coming back. It's either the city or the people or both.

Chantal_Tootsie said...

le moulin a retenu mon attention .... En France, ils sont souvent perdu leurs ailes ... Cordiales pensées de Bretagne ....

bertN said...

Chantal_Tootsie, Merci de visiter mon blog.

Traveler on Foot said...

Hello BertN, WE have windmills similar to the ones shown in the second picture in Bangui Ilocos Norte.

Dutch and Don Quixote windmills are more charming.

Merry Christmas BertN.

Joy said...

Sanfo!!! It is one of the most beautiful cities I've been. Love the first shot, especially the second to the last photo.

Happy New Year!!! May this year bring you everything your heart desires.

Thank you for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. I'll see you again tomorrow!