Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Irvine Global Village Festival, October 3, 2009

"More than 10,000 guests will travel the world at the City of Irvine’s Global Village Festival. Boasting artistic cultural performances on five stages, this annual festival’s live entertainment is a mosaic of music and dance representing more than 50 cultures from Europe, Asia, Africa, and North and South America. Immerse yourself in cultural displays, world religion information, and creative demonstrations. Indulge in international cuisine, explore our world marketplace and keep the little ones in motion with hands-on art projects, games and activities in a giant, interactive Kids Village. "

After reading that info, I told my wife we better go see this festival pronto. The Global Village Festival turned out to be more village than global but there was no admission and parking fees so there was really no reason for me to bellyache. I was just disappointed....I was expecting more, a lot more. Anyway, Irvine is a city not too far from ours so it was worth the drive and the time we spent there.

The path to one of the parking lots

One of the five stages at the site

The Pinays manning the display booth said they'll have a better one next year and they will also have a food booth.

Native Indian booth

At the Czech-Moravia-Slovakia booth table of alcoholic beverages, I noticed a tall can of Budweiser, a popular domestic beer, so I asked the lady manning the booth the reason for its presence. She pointed to me the beer can next to it with a Budweiser label also. She said they've been making and selling their Budweiser beer in their native country for 700 years but they cannot legally market it in the US under the same label. Corporate dictatorship or sound business practice?

A long row of booths selling ethnic food
One of the open air stages


dodong flores said...

Wow, it looks like a very colorful event.

If something like this where parking is free and there's no admission fee, I will never hesitate to visit. Festivities and similar events always tickled my interest... :)

bertN said...

dodong flores, it is a free annual event in Irvine. It's been going on for many years now but this was our first visit.

dodong flores said...

Oh, I see. I thought it was only a newly organized event :)

Mari said...

Anheuser-Busch, brewers of Budweiser tried to buy the Czech Bud, but the Czechs refused the offer. They want to keep their own.

Reena said...

ay napansin ko agad yung model sa displayed photo ng Czech booth. :D

yeah, i hope the Philippine booth was more festive.

docgelo said...

Sayang naman, the booth representing the Philippines had less to offer other than smiles and sweet Mabuhay greetings. There are tons of great things about our country worthy of an exhibit.

Sana there'll be more youth participation from the rest of the globe next year on that event.

I've been to Irvine once when I accompanied my mom in her business tour with one of their suppliers there before. It's such a quiet part of California, isn't it?

dyosa said...

What were those pink fluffs in the 5th photo?

Ang konti naman ng tao. If that's in Pilipinas, people will flock and traffic will be like crazy. Alam mo naman dito, we love bazaars and tiangge. Hopefully, the Pinas booth will have something more interesting to offer next festival. :-)

Missy said...

I never thought that Irvine has this kind of festival looks promising but maybe they need more ads and promo on this to sell from different types of people. I've never been to any festivals in CA before except the OC State Fair :-) I wish we'll have the opportunity to get station in CA again ;-( so I could visit the places you've been posting here in your blog. My last visit in Irvine was 2007 when I had my business trip but I didn't get to see and drive around the area because of my hectic sked.

bertN said...

Mari, maybe the price was not right. Thanks for the info.

Reena, ako din LOL.

docgelo, it is indeed a tamer part of California. If I am not mistaken, it has one of the lowest crime rate in the whole US of A.

dyosa, it is a giant doll...I think. Kaunti nga ang mga tao - most events here are not teeming with people.

Missy, I hope you get station in California again. I've been living here for almost 40 years now and I still haven't seen all it has to offer.