Thursday, April 16, 2009


My wife loves to spend her time in our yard puttering around, while I enjoy staying inside the house to watch TV and take naps between commercials LOL. Not really. She particularly adores her roses and when they are in bloom, I will admit that they are more pleasant to look at than my kamote plants, which she convinced me to get rid off. Here are some of her roses around our house.


Reena said...

hi. i like the fourth photo.

i don't have green thumb myself. but i enjoy anything to do nature. :)

docgelo said...

it appears that your garden is so colorful especially now that spring there has kicked in.

your wife has green thumb while
you have the best eye for good shots! nice!

HalfCrazy said...

Hey! Don't get rid of those Kamote Plants! At least they're edible, instead of these flowers which only look beautiful LOL!

Wonderful and colorful flowers!

bertN said...

Reena, I love nature, too and I especially enjoy hiking, camping and fishing and of course, a little bit of amateurish photography.

docgelo, we are lucky here because we have fair weather year-round.

HalfCrazy, too late now they are gone LOL. My wife said the bird droppings on my kamote leaves make them inedible. Yeah, right!

Sardonyx said...

I think your wife has a green thumb unlike me, I electrocute most of my plants actually all of them hahaha and now they all died :-) what do you call that term then? "static thumb?" hahaha

Next time please share your kamote photos, I miss kamote tops now, here in Japan they don't sell that, only kamote. Even the ampalaya, they don't sell the leaves only the bunga hahaha (ok ba sa taglish??).

bertN said...

Sardonyx, my kamote plants are all gone now. BTW,they are easy to tend, once planted they are "on their own" LOL. We are lucky here because a lot of oriental groceries carry ampalaya and kamote tops and everything else we have back home...almost.

dodong flores said...

Nice photos of flowers here. But I'd love to see your kamote photos, too! Too bad wala na sila :

Joy said...

They are so lovely!

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