Monday, July 14, 2008

Missouri, July 2008

My wife and I were set to fly to Kansas City to visit her ailing nephew-in-law and to join up with her sisters for a road trip in Missouri and neighboring states. However, the nephew unexpectedly succumbed to his ailment, the road trip was put on hold and we wound up attending a funeral instead.

I had to take a picture of the vault as it was being mechanically lowered to its final resting place because this is the first time I saw a photo collage (of the deceased and his family) imbedded on the lid. A boxful of butterflies was also released as part of the ritual. I guess different funeral homes have their own ways of doing things subject to changes and approval of the deceased family.

Kansas City skyline as seen from our approaching car

A lady "cochero" minding her horse as she waits for tourists to hire her carriage for a brief spin in the city.

The courtyard of the Harry Truman library in Independence where the President and his wife are buried.
A play at a KC park
Elk meat for sale at this tiny farmer's market
A heavy downpour the like of which we never experienced in sunny Southern California
An empty bench straddling a jogging/walking trail and the Missouri River


julie said...

Hi Bert!

I was once interviewed by KCK special ed supervisors and though they got my documents, they didn't hire me since they don't have a slot yet at that time. I don't know why they interviewed me in the first place. Lots of Filipino teachers there, I think.

Love your photos. That drenched bench is a good one :)

bertN said...

Julie, thanks for the visit. Yes, there are a lot of Filipino teachers here - most of them educated here, others got their education and teaching experience in the Philippines. They especially need Math teachers. Give it a shot if you are interested.