Tuesday, June 3, 2008


There's a park across a major street from our house where I usually take a long walk in the morning whenever I am not on the road. There are two lakes within, both of which are regularly stock with catchable trout and catfish. Three of the pictures posted here were taken inside the park.

One of the lakes

A soccer playing field behind the tree

A feeble attempt at macrophotography

Second lake where every so often I'll see a fisherman or two trying their luck. Note the handiwork "ng walang magawang matino" on the tree.

A sleeping boy and his dog (this photo was taken in San Francisco)

Crawfish cooked Cajun style, marinated artichoke heart and cognac for an evening light meal

My dream car LOL (You can probably park this car in a seedy neighborhood with the door unlocked and the engine running and nobody will steal it LOL)

My wife was in the Philippines to attend a family reunion and I was on my own at home. I got tired of eating out and doing my own amateurish cooking so I decided to go to a neighborhood Japanese grocery store and bought tuna sashimi, tofu and California roll for lunch. Looked good and tasted good and the double shot of whiskey made it even better LOL.


rolly said...

nice shots you have there. And lucky you, your place looks interesting.

bertN said...

Thanks for dropping by!

pusa said...

"double shot of whiskey made it even better" hahahahaha

i love the lake photo and the fly

Rio said...

bakit pareho tayo ng dream car? lols

bertN said...

Pusa, whiskey is a good appetizer and also an excellent way to numb the pains of loneliness.

Rio, maybe we are more emotionally secure in life or a finely tuned Ferrari is out of my (our?) financial reach LOL.

luna miranda said...

Wow, sarap! Love Japanese food, too. Beautiful photo of the lake, a nice place to walk around. Is that a dog with the sleepy baby? Cool shot.:D

After your next shot of whiskey, I hope you'd be in the mood to a meme tag.:D I was tagged to play a meme and I'm tagging you. I hope you'll enjoy playing it 'coz we really want to know you better. Cheers!

bertN said...

Weakness ko din yung Japanese food ever since I was introduced to it.

That sleeping baby damulag is my grandson...a perpetual motion machine and a chatterbox who will wear you down or drive you nuts, but very loving and affectionate. That's his pet dog and constant companion and playmate. Whenever his dog sees him sleeping, he'll
cuddle up to him and keep a sentry eye on anybody who'll disrupt his slumber.

elay said...

bertN, i love the bee picture and the 'pimp my ride' car! and that crawfish is making me hungry..!